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Paris Saint-Germain is the first soccer team to use blockchain technology.


Paris Saint-Germain, a big soccer team, is going to check and approve transactions on the Chiliz Chain blockchain. They will use the money they make to buy PSG fan tokens regularly.

Sports clubs have started using crypto by making fan tokens for people to buy sports stuff. But now, for the first time, a club is going to be a part of the blockchain system. Validators are like security guards for blockchain. They make sure that transactions and smart contracts are legitimate and keep the network safe. In return, validators make money by running a computer.

The team that is winning France’s Ligue 1 introduced a new way for fans to get involved in September 2018. The token is worth $28 million according to data from CoinMarketCap. The buy-back program will help PSG keep their fan tokens up to date and make a strong digital economy with them, according to Chiliz.

“We will make our future projects better for everyone involved, so they can make more money and have better outcomes in this new digital economy,” said Pär Helgosson, head of Web3 at Paris Saint-Germain.

Other famous soccer teams like FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Juventus, Arsenal, Inter Milan, and AC Milan also have their own tokens on Chiliz.

Paris Saint-Germain is going to have a hackathon event at their Parc Des Princes soon, with Chiliz helping to host it.


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