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Studying how AI affects how brands are creative.


  • Smart AI, like OpenAI’s Sora, is changing how we make creative things by making it possible to make high-quality videos from just typing words.
  • Many big companies are starting to use Generative AI to make things faster and more efficient when creating new products.
  • Even though Generative AI has a lot of possibilities, companies need to think about what is right and wrong and realize that it’s not a perfect solution. It needs people to keep an eye on it and have a plan.

In a world where new things are always being invented, the latest trend is Generative AI (GenAI). OpenAI introduced Sora, a tool that can create high-quality videos from simple written instructions. This shows a big advancement in creative technology. As GenAI grows quickly, different industries like advertising and entertainment are getting ready for big changes. But with all the excitement, people are still wondering: How can companies use this technology well. And what moral things do we need to think about when we start using it.

Changing how brands are seen – AI technology in action

As companies try to stay important and meaningful in the online world, they are attracted to using artificial intelligence to attract people from the younger generation. With tools like Sora, making things is easier and faster. It saves time and makes things more efficient. Brands can now create many different types of content, like pictures and videos, without needing a lot of money or space. Many big companies are unable to resist the appeal of saving money and growing their business by trying out GenAI.

However, becoming fully developed in GenAI technology also comes with difficulties. Commercial-grade GenAI tools are not for everyone. They need special knowledge and unique settings for each brand, unlike the standard options available to everyone. Developing this skill takes a lot of time and money, which might stop some people from fully joining the GenAI revolution. However, for those who are ready to understand and deal with these complex issues, there are a lot of benefits waiting for them.

Creating brands while being fair and honest

But, just like with any big jump in technology, we have to think about what is right and wrong. GenAI helps brands make content quickly, but it makes people wonder if the content is real and if everyone agrees to it. The use of fake assets that look just like real ones can make it hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Furthermore, using people’s images for money shows that we really need strong moral rules for how GenAI is used.

Additionally, GenAI’s abilities go beyond just making things, which worries people that it could replace human creativity and critical thinking. GenAI is really good at doing specific things, but it’s not so great at planning ahead or coming up with new ideas – those are still better done by people. Companies need to be careful and understand that GenAI is a tool, not a substitute for human knowledge.

In the changing world of new brand ideas, Generative AI is ready to change how we make creative things. However, as brands move into new areas, they need to remember the lessons from the past and be careful and thoughtful when approaching GenAI. By using technology, being ethical, and understanding people, brands can use GenAI to create stories, interest people, and be successful for a long time. As companies consider using Generative AI in their creative process, they wonder how to mix new technology with human creativity.

Warning: This is not advice for buying or selling stocks.


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