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Bitcoin has gone up to $63,000. Experts at Matrixport think it will keep going up.


  • Matrixport experts think that Bitcoin will go up in value and could reach $63,000 by March 2024.
  • The approval of a spot Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) is a big deal because it will bring a lot of big investors to Bitcoin.
  • The upcoming Bitcoin halving event is expected to make the price of Bitcoin go up.

Matrixport, a company that works with digital money, thinks the price of Bitcoin will go up a lot and could reach $63,000 by March 2024. This prediction considers different things that could make the asset value go up soon. approval of a new type of investment fund, a decrease in the rate at which new bitcoins are made, and the U. S The presidential election has a big impact on the price of Bitcoin.

Interest from companies and approval for exchange-traded funds

The Matrixport report shows that lots of people are putting their money into Bitcoin, especially after a spot ETF was approved. This is a big moment for the cryptocurrency. This shows that more big investors are starting to see Bitcoin and other digital money as a good investment to add to their portfolios. The approval of a spot ETF is important because it gives both big and small investors a way to invest in Bitcoin without having to actually own it. This could bring more people to invest in Bitcoin and could make its price go up.

The document explains why it’s important that big investors are starting to buy cryptocurrency. It says this shows that more people are accepting it and could make the price of Bitcoin more stable. This means that more people using digital money makes Bitcoin more valuable and interesting to more investors.

The reduction of new bitcoins being created and uncertainty about politics

Another important thing mentioned in the report is the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. In the past, when the reward for making new Bitcoin blocks is cut in half, there are fewer new Bitcoins available and this makes the price of Bitcoin go up. Although the past does not guarantee the future, Bitcoin has often seen its price go up a lot after these events. The report says that we don’t know yet what will happen to Bitcoin’s price after the next halving event. It suggests that looking at past trends makes us feel hopeful, but we can’t be sure of the result.

Furthermore, the Matrixport analysts discuss how the upcoming U. S changes might affect things. The cryptocurrency market is affected by the presidential election and the political changes that come with it. The report says that things happening in politics can have a big impact on money markets, including digital money like Bitcoin. It’s hard to say exactly how things will change, but if we expect these events, it might make prices go up and more people might want to invest in decentralized assets like a way to protect themselves from unpredictable markets.

Seasonal changes and feelings in the market

The report also talks about how Bitcoin tends to do well in February. Matrixport’s analysis found that Bitcoin has made money in February in 7 of the last 10 years, with an average profit of 8%. This design is part of a bigger study to show how cryptocurrency markets go up and down in patterns that can be hard to predict. It also shows how there may be chances for investors to make money by looking at past trends.

Matrixport is hopeful about Bitcoin, but experts at the European Central Bank think Bitcoin isn’t worth anything. This shows that people in the finance world are still arguing about whether cryptocurrencies are really worth something and if they will still be around in the future.

Matrixport’s report analyzes the things that could make Bitcoin’s price go up in the near future. It predicts that the price could reach $63,000 by March 2024. The report looks at the latest trends and past information about cryptocurrency, but it also recognizes that the market is uncertain and complicated.

Warning: This information is not advice for trading.


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