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Fans and AI work together to make a great song for the start of the F1 season.


  • Formula 1 fans and artificial intelligence come together to design “The Greatest Track on Earth” using famous elements from race tracks around the world.
  • Fans have picked Lewis Hamilton to drive the 6km track, showing that he is still really popular in the sport.
  • The new project combines real ideas with imagination, giving a preview of what F1 tracks might look like in the future.

For the first time ever, Formula 1 fans and artificial intelligence worked together to create “The Greatest Track on Earth” which combines famous landmarks and turns from racetracks around the world. Sky Sports revealed this collaboration. This new project is starting before the 2024 F1 season. Its goal is to preserve what fans love about the sport and also use new technology to design better race tracks.

Selection process driven by fans

More than 4,000 F1 fans took part in a survey by Sky Sports to share their favorite landmarks, corners, and race tracks. Using ideas from many people, the combination has famous parts like Monza’s Parabolica, Interlagos’ Senna ‘S,’ and Spa’s legendary Eau Rouge, and more. Other important parts of the race track include the Monaco Swimming Pool chicane and the uphill climb on the first straight of the Circuit of the Americas in Texas.

Lewis Hamilton will drive on “the best track”

Lewis Hamilton, a very popular seven-time world champion, was chosen to drive the 6km race track in his Mercedes Silver Arrows car. Hamilton will move to Ferrari in 2024. He got 28% of fan votes and will be the chosen driver for this exciting journey.

The music made by AI combines pieces from 10 different tracks and mixes real pictures with creative edits from the AI program Midjourney. One cool thing is a pretend Silverstone track in the rain, and the famous RAF Red Arrows flying above. Also, the circuit includes the narrow streets around Baku’s castle, the sharp turn at the Grand Hotel in Monaco, and the beautiful Mount Fuji in Japan.

Worldwide fan impact

People from all over the world helped make “The Greatest Track on Earth” for Formula 1. Italian fans, who made up 39% of the fans surveyed, had the biggest influence because they really love motorsport in their country. At the same time, British fans, who made up 28% of the people surveyed, showed that there are lots of different fans from different places who love the sport and make it exciting.

Jenson Button, a former F1 champion and Sky Sports analyst, praised the project as a great example of the sport’s appeal. He talked about the importance of passionate fans and the different challenges of racing on tracks around the world. Button was really excited about the idea of the track. He thought it would be a really exciting mix of F1’s most important qualities, like Monaco’s fancy style and Spa’s ever-changing weather.

The upcoming F1 racing track designs

“The Greatest Track on Earth” is an example of how F1 tracks can be designed using collaboration and innovation, using AI to add creativity to the sport. As technology keeps improving, these initiatives will change what’s possible. They will give fans and stakeholders new and exciting opportunities to get involved.

With the introduction of ‘The Greatest Track on Earth,’ Formula 1 is starting a new era of making things better for fans and using more technology. This project celebrates the history of the sport and also helps make improvements for future races and making it more enjoyable for fans. The 2024 F1 season is starting in Bahrain. Fans can look forward to an exciting race and lots of cool technology and creativity powered by AI and people’s love for the sport.

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