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EOS shows it is keeping 2 million EOS safe.


In the ever-changing world of decentralized finance (DeFi), protecting digital assets is most important. Recent EOS events demonstrate the importance of strong security. The recovery of 2 million EOS on the EOS EVM improved blockchain security. The innovative cybersecurity portal and rapid incident response program Recover+ (R+) made this possible. It represents strength and effectiveness against complex threats.

Securing PayCash: Collaborative Efforts and EOS EVM Advancements

The R+ team discovered a security breach targeting PayCash, a popular EOS project, on May 6, 2023. The path to this goal began here. They tried to contact PayCash, but the hacker moved the stolen funds to the EOS EVM, making things worse. This was problematic because the EOS EVM had no rules for handling these situations. This made the community vulnerable and uncertain.

The R+ team, EOS EVM engineers, and PayCash team collaborated for months to create a good recovery plan. September saw the release of EOS EVM v0.5.2, a major advancement. It added crucial administrative actions to close security gaps. This significant event shaped recovery efforts.

The R+ team tested their solution on the Jungle Testnet on January 25 to prepare for recovery. They had long conversations with EOS Block Producers (BPs) to find common ground and support for their cause and to get advice and help from important EOS engineers. By February 19, BPs knew about the technical solution. This made thorough verification easier and encouraged EOS community collaboration.

EOS EVM Recovery Highlights Community Resilience

Block Producers supported a February 21st Multi-Signature (MSIG) proposal in response to the PayCash hack. Some issues arose during recovery. Technical issues forced the first plan to be revised. R+ quickly changed its strategy after setbacks. Their second submission, submitted on February 22, was approved and navigated the complexities.

The R+ team, EOS EVM engineers, and the EOS community’s unwavering support helped recover almost 2 million EOS from over 6,000 hacked accounts. This amazing achievement shows how strong the EOS ecosystem is and how well the R+ program protects assets from complex threats in the fast-changing DeFi world.

Looking ahead, the EOS EVM’s recovery shows the community’s strength and resilience. As the DeFi sector evolves, projects like R+ will become crucial for blockchain ecosystem security and integrity.

EOS’s recovery of 2 million EOS on the EOS EVM shows its commitment to security and innovation. R+ is the leader in blockchain security, so investors and developers can trust EOS to secure DeFi projects. This significant achievement boosts EOS ecosystem confidence and decentralized finance security.


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