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Study discovers that AI is better than humans at coming up with creative ideas.


  • Artificial intelligence is better than humans at coming up with new and unique ideas and their answers are more detailed and complex.
  • The study shows that AI can help make creative processes better, but it also makes people wonder how it fits in with human creativity.
  • Scientists say we need to study more about how AI affects creativity and how to accurately measure its impact.

Artificial intelligence is getting better at being creative in different areas. In a recent study in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from the University of A showed that the AI model, ChatGPT-4, did better than people in tests that measure creative thinking.

The research, done by a U of A Ph. D student, Kent F. Hubert and Kim N. Awa and professor Darya L. Zabelina was studying three tests that measure creative thinking. ChatGPT-4 did really well at giving creative and detailed answers in all of the tests: the Alternative Use Task, Consequences Task, and Divergent Associations Task.

Unique solutions and elaborate responses

In the task, people had to think of different ways to use regular objects. ChatGPT-4 showed that it can make new and detailed answers that are even better than what humans can come up with. In the Consequences Task, the AI showed its skill in coming up with different and thoughtful answers to hypothetical situations.

In addition, in the Divergent Associations Task, people were asked to come up with words that are very different in meaning. The answers from ChatGPT-4 showed that it could use different meanings, speak smoothly, and go into depth. This shows that it is better at being creative than people.

The study shows that AI can be very good at thinking in different ways, but it also shows that there are some things it can’t do and things we need to think about. The researchers say their study is mostly about how creative people can be, not about what they actually accomplish in real life. Furthermore, because AI does not have its own decision-making abilities and still depends on humans, it raises concerns about how long AI can continue to be creative.

The future of artificial intelligence in being creative

Although AI can do creative tasks very well, people are still wondering how it fits in with human creativity. AI models like ChatGPT-4 can help with creativity, but we’re not sure yet if they will replace or work with human creativity.

As scientists keep studying how AI can be creative, it’s really important to look closely at how we measure its abilities and what it might mean for the future. The research makes us think about the best ways to come up with different ideas, and if the findings can be applied to different groups of people.

The study shows how AI has gotten much better at being creative, even better than humans at thinking of new ideas. Although AI has the potential to be a helpful creative tool, more research and careful thinking are needed to understand how people and AI can work together in creative projects.

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