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The stablecoin industry has grown by $3. 26 billion Tether is close to reaching $100 billion in supply, and the supply of USDE has increased by 374%.


In the last eight days, the stablecoin sector grew by $3. 26 billion, increasing from $140. 82 billion to $144. 08 billion by Sunday, March 3, 2024. In February, the supply of four out of the top five stablecoins went up. FDUSD had the biggest increase in supply compared to the other stablecoins.

The stablecoin economy went up by 2. 31% in one week, but PYUSD and USDP saw a big decrease in supply in February

During the last week and the whole month of February, stablecoins have grown a lot. In February On June 24, 2024, the value of stablecoins increased by $3. 26 billion, which is a 2. 31% increase On Sunday, the combined value of stablecoins is $144. 08 They make up $60. 82 billion of the total global value of $110. 19 billion in the last day.

Tether’s supply went up by 3. 5% in the last month, getting close to a market value of $100 billion. Right now, it is valued at $99. 7 The total amount of USDT in circulation is now 99. 44 billion tethers as of Sunday afternoon. In the last month, the amount of USDC coins has increased by 8%, making its total value $29 billion.

DAI’s value went up by 2. 7% to just over $5 billion, and FDUSD’s value increased by 26% to $3. 26 billion in February. On the other hand, TUSD, which is the fifth largest stablecoin, dropped by 12. 3% in supply last month. Last week, TUSD had trouble keeping its price stable. It was trading at $0. 973 each

Today, TUSD is now trading at $0. 998 each Tron’s USDD went up by 2. 1%, reaching a market value of $735 million. Ethena’s USDE grew a lot over the last month, and its market value is now about $695 million. The frax dollar (FRAX) coin’s value went down by 0. 1% in February, and its market value is now $648 million, just below USDE.

Paypal usd (PYUSD) and pax dollar (USDP) are the ninth and tenth most popular dollar-pegged stablecoins. PYUSD had a big drop of 12. 4% in supply last month, which is the first time it has gone down a lot. Its market cap is now $264 million. At the same time, the supply of USDP decreased by 42. 6% in February, lowering its market value to $202 million.


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