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Whales started buying more of this altcoin, and one whale made a huge profit and started selling.


As Bitcoin got close to its highest price of $69,000, meme tokens also started to rise.

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepecoin went up, especially Pepecoin which increased by over 60%.

Big whales saw a chance to make money and took advantage of it.

Lookonchain said a big investor bought a lot of PEPE from Binance in 2023. They spent $1. 04 million on 600 billion PEPE.

This whale was very patient and kept holding onto their PEPEs for 10 months without selling. The whale waited and then put 200 billion PEPE tokens (worth $1. 48 million) on Binance and sold them to make a profit.

He had 400B PEPE worth $2. 91 Overall, he made about $3. 35 million profit from PEPE.

Another whale was sold for money on PEPE. The whale bought 4. 9 trillion PEPEs when they were cheap, and now they’re worth $35. 5 They only spent $3,000 on them at first. This whale waited and sold 760 billion PEPE for $2 million when the price of PEPE went up a lot.

The big whale owns 4. 15T of PEPE, worth $30. 8 million, and is the 13th owner of PEPE. This whale is worth about 32. 8 million dollars in profit. This picture shows that the whale made 11. 077 times more money than PEPE.

“This guy only spent $3,000 to buy 4.9T PEPE (currently $35.5 million) early on!

He sold 760B PEPE ($2 million) and currently holds 4.15T PEPE ($30.8 million) and is the 13th owner of PEPE!

Whale’s total profit on PEPE is ~$32.8 million, or 11,077x earnings!”

PEPE continues to trade at $0.000007006 at the time of writing.

This guy spent only $3,000 to buy 4.9T $PEPE($35.5M currently) in the early time!

He sold 760B $PEPE($2M) and currently holds 4.15T $PEPE($30.8M), and is the 13th holder of $PEPE!

His total profit on $PEPE is ~$32.8M, a gain of 11,077x!https://t.co/QTL7oxruTk pic.twitter.com/sw2FcPfgdd

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) March 4, 2024

*This is not investment advice.


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