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A secret investor made a lot of money by turning a small amount into a big amount: They made 1080 times the profit! Here is the Altcoin He Bought!


Investors are really interested in mem tokens, especially the ones based on Solana (SOL).

Right now, people are interested in mem tokens like WIF and BONK. Tokens based on presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden are also becoming popular as the US elections get closer.

At this time, a new BODEN mem token featuring Biden joined the mem tokens on Solana that are based on famous people.

According to information, a meme token called BODEN, based on US President Joe Biden, went up by 830% in just six hours, and had a daily trading amount of over $23 million.

An investor made 200 thousand dollars in just 3 days by investing in BODEN, which was a return of 1,080 times their initial investment.

“In just 3 days, this trader earned 1,694 SOL (worth $224k) with just 1.57 SOL (worth $205), which is a 1,080x gain!

This trader saw the BODEN trade approximately 5 hours after it opened and spent 1.57 SOL ($205) to purchase 13.84 million BODEN.

After 2 days, BODEN began to rise rapidly and sold 12.84 million BODEN for 1,696 SOL ($224 thousand), earning 1,694 sol ($224 thousand).

This investor still holds 1 million BODEN (worth $15,000).”

BODEN continues to trade at $0.028 at the time of writing.

In just 3 days, this trader made 1,694 $SOL($224K) with only 1.57 $SOL($205), a gain of 1,080x!

He spotted $boden ~5 hours after it opened trading and spent 1.57 $SOL($205) to buy 13.84M $boden.

2 days later, $boden began to skyrocket and he sold 12.84M $boden for 1,696… pic.twitter.com/HEKRmZ1Wv2

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) March 6, 2024

*This is not investment advice.


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