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Specialists’ thoughts on AI-created houses in major UK cities.


  • AI is designing really good homes for cities in the UK and changing how we build buildings.
  • Expert Kunle Barker believes that AI homes are like exciting glimpses of the future, pushing the limits of architecture.
  • As artificial intelligence becomes more important, homes and cities will become more advanced and effective.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way buildings are designed in the UK. It gives us a peek at what home design might look like in the future. AI has built homes in 20 UK cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow, that match the special qualities of each city.

Real estate expert Kunle Barker, well-known for his work on Grand Designs Live, has shared his thoughts on the AI-created images of these houses. Barker says these photos show the old buildings and houses in each area and imagine what they might look like in the future.

“The pictures of houses made by computer are amazing. ” They skillfully capture the old buildings from different places, the condition of houses now, and what they could become in the future.

-Barker said

A sneak peek at the homes of the future

These computer-made homes make people think about what buildings might look like in the future, not just look pretty. Although it’s not certain if they will actually happen, they are inspiring new ideas and creativity in the architecture field.

Barker thinks that these AI-made homes show what homes of the future might be like. They demonstrate how architecture could change because of new technology and what people need. As technology gets better, it will be more important in making future homes and cities.

Specialist ideas on how AI affects architecture

Barker’s observations show how AI is changing architecture. With AI technology, architects and designers can create new and complex designs using big sets of information. This helps them think of new ideas and go beyond the usual design rules.

AI-created pictures of houses give us ideas about what architecture might look like in the future. They push us to come up with new ideas and think in a different way about the places where we live and work.

-Barker said that he noticed.

As AI technology gets better, it is playing a bigger part in changing the way buildings and cities look. AI can help architects, designers, and homeowners make the design process easier and create more energy-efficient and eco-friendly buildings.

AI could change the way we make and build houses. By using AI, architects can make better designs that are more efficient, sustainable, and look nicer, which make people’s lives better.

-Barker said

As AI technology gets better, it will be used more in architecture. From coming up with ideas and making plans to building and more, AI will be important at every step of making a building.

The pictures created by AI of houses show us what the future of architecture could look like. They demonstrate how innovative and creative design can be. With the use of AI technology, the way buildings are designed is going to change a lot. This means that the options for future homes are endless.

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