• Cyber has created a new technology to improve how decentralized social networking works. It will solve problems like bad user experiences, high fees for using the network, and slow transaction speeds.
  • Cyber wants to use new technology and smart ways to make it easier for more people to use their product. They also want to give rewards to people who use it and make it better. With features like easy access to your account, security features like passkey or FaceID, and tools to make apps.

CyberConnect is a new way to make social media more decentralized. It is the first L2 solution made for social apps and for more people to use. This new platform, made with EigenLayer and Optimism and created with AltLayer, is trying to solve the big problems that have stopped blockchain social networks from growing.

CyberConnect wants to be the top choice for people who use social media and make apps for the new version of the internet, by giving users control and sharing profits more fairly.

CyberConnect is working on solving the problems of Decentralized Social Networking

The path to a decentralized social web has had many challenges. Programmers have big challenges to overcome, like bad user experiences, expensive gas fees, and slow transaction speeds, which have stopped widespread use. These problems are made worse by blockchain economies that don’t work well with social needs, causing inefficiency and high costs to operate. We have grown Link3to and MocaverseNFT apps to over 2 million users. They did over 20 million transactions and spent $2. 6 million in gas fees. This shows that we really need a better solution. Without a major change, it is unlikely that Web3 social will be able to reach billions of users.

The company wants to stop this cycle by creating a new technology that is perfect for social media and easy for a lot of people to use. By using EigenLayer, CyberConnect can do more than 100,000 transactions every second with very low fees. This ability to grow is made even better by a system that uses both ETH and CYBER tokens to keep the network safe and encourage people to join in. By joining the Optimism Superchain, CyberConnect helps make it easier for people to use social apps and be part of the larger economy. This creates a more connected and open system for everyone involved.

New ideas for lots of people to use

CyberConnect has a new way of helping people get started using Web3. The company makes it easier for people to sign up for an account by using EIP-7560. It’s as easy as signing up for a regular website. Also, the platform allows users to use passkeys or FaceID to protect their accounts, making it more secure and convenient for users. These things are very important to get a billion people to use Web3. Decentralized social networks have had a hard time reaching this goal.

CyberConnect has a new way of doing business that helps the people who make games and the people who play them. People can make money from assets like ETH, LST, and LRT, get income from protocol fees, and earn rewards from the ecosystem. This plan aims to encourage people in different ways to help the CyberConnect community grow and be successful.

Creating a base for social media apps

CyberConnect has tools and services that make it easier to create and grow social apps. The platform has a social graph that helps new apps get users and use shared network effects. Furthermore, CyberDB is a cheap and efficient way to store data. It uses EigenLayer AVS to make sure developers have the tools to manage their data well.

CyberConnect is getting ready to launch its Sepolia Testnet, which has been securely set up by AltLayer. The platform wants developers and innovators to check out its ideas and how it’s been designed. This launch is a big step in making Cyber’s vision of a decentralized social web that is easy to use, can grow, and makes sense financially, into a reality.


CyberConnect has created a new way for social networking to work, which is a big step forward for decentralized social platforms. Cyber is fixing problems with blockchain social networks and making it easier for more people to use them. They are also changing how these platforms make money. As the internet system Web3 keeps getting better, Cyber’s creative way of handling lots of users, getting new users, and providing benefits makes it very important for the future of decentralized social networking.

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