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The effects of cryptocurrency mining and AI on the environment are getting more worrying.


  • Cryptocurrency mining and artificial intelligence use a lot of electricity, like powering whole countries.
  • The environmental impact includes massive electronic waste and water usage.
  • Policy measures, like disclosure requirements, could help address energy concerns.

As the world increasingly relies on digital technologies, concerns about their environmental impact have emerged. Two areas of particular concern are cryptocurrency mining and artificial intelligence (AI), which consume substantial energy. This article explores the environmental implications of these technologies and the challenges they pose in achieving sustainability goals.

Cryptocurrency mining’s energy consumption

Cryptocurrency mining, particularly Bitcoin, has been criticized for its significant energy consumption. According to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, maintained by Alex de Vries, bitcoin mining now consumes a staggering amount of electricity annually, equivalent to the entire nation of the Netherlands. The mining process requires extensive computing power, leading to the establishment of server farms in regions with cheap electricity.

The environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining extends beyond energy consumption. The process generates electronic waste equivalent to an iPhone for every transaction, contributing to the growing global e-waste problem. Moreover, the water used for cooling servers in mining operations amounts to approximately two trillion liters annually. Despite efforts to regulate and monitor energy usage in cryptocurrency mining, challenges persist, with recent legal battles hindering transparency initiatives.

AI’s growing energy demands

Similar to cryptocurrency mining, artificial intelligence poses significant energy challenges. The development and operation of A.I. systems, such as ChatGPT, require substantial computational power, leading to high electricity consumption. It’s estimated that ChatGPT alone consumes over half a million kilowatt-hours of electricity daily, highlighting the scale of energy demand associated with A.I. technologies.

Efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining and artificial intelligence are underway. Some propose using AI to improve the efficiency of renewable energy systems, potentially reducing emissions from server farms. However, achieving significant gains in sustainability may require technological breakthroughs or innovative solutions beyond current capabilities.

The call for policy measures

Amid growing concerns about the environmental impact of digital technologies, there is a call for policy measures to address the issue. Similar to those implemented for cryptocurrencies, disclosure requirements are suggested as a viable short-to-medium-term solution. Such measures aim to enhance transparency and accountability in energy consumption related to cryptocurrency mining and AI development.

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