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Dubai police have a new way to do autopsies using virtual reality technology.


  • Dubai Police is using new technology called virtopsy to help with forensic investigations.
  • This uses artificial intelligence to do virtual autopsies, which could change the way investigations are done.
  • Virtual autopsies are considerate of different cultures, they help maintain respect and dignity, and they also make it easier to be more accurate and efficient.

Dubai is committed to having the best law enforcement. They are investing in new technology and infrastructure to make this happen.
Dubai Police have started using new technology called virtopsy for forensic investigations. This new way uses the latest scanning and imaging technology with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), making a big improvement in solving crimes.

Changing the way forensic medicine works

Maj. Gen. Ahmed Thani bin Ghalita Al Muhairi, Director of the General Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology, said they will now use virtual autopsies instead of the old way, to make forensic investigations better. The virtopsy procedure is like a CT scan, it carefully looks at a dead body to find any suspicious areas or organs without having to do a lot of physical tests.

Virtual autopsies use modern imaging technology like CT scans and MRIs to find detailed and precise results. This new technology makes autopsies much faster, going from hours to just a few minutes, because of smart computer programs. This helps solve crimes faster.

Treating people with respect and being understanding of their culture

One big benefit of virtual autopsies is that they help maintain the respect for the person who has died. By doing less invasive procedures, this approach respects the values and norms of society. Furthermore, it thinks about people’s feelings and makes sure autopsies are only done when really necessary.

Dubai Police have combined forensic medicine and crime scene investigation into one department, working together and cooperating. This joining together has helped solve crimes much faster, now taking only 10 days, which is very impressive compared to other countries.

Investing in the best new buildings and tools

Dubai Police is very committed to improving their abilities. They have built a modern facility that cost Dh550 million. This place has advanced technology to help the environment and improve forensic work.

Under Maj In Ghalita, Dubai Police is focusing on making its officers better at their jobs and having a diverse team. The General Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology has grown a lot. In 1986, there were only six people working there. Now, there are over 600 highly skilled professionals. We want to help women feel strong and capable and we also want to attract smart people with advanced degrees to make sure we have a diverse and skilled team.

Dubai Police now use virtual autopsy technology, which has changed the way they investigate crimes. The department used AI and advanced imaging to make procedures faster, more accurate, and respectful of different cultures. This new way of doing things shows that Dubai is very dedicated to being innovative and excellent in law enforcement. It sets a standard for how forensic practices should be done all around the world.

Using virtopsy in forensic procedures is a big step towards solving crimes better and respecting the dead. By investing in technology and training their staff, Dubai Police will stay ahead in forensic science. This will help them make sure everyone is safe and gets fair treatment.

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