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Possible misuse of computer-generated AI is causing worries before the upcoming election.


  • New AI technology could cause problems for election fairness because it can make fake pictures that might change how people vote.
  • It’s really important for different groups to work together to make rules that stop AI from being used in the wrong way in politics.
  • Governments need to take the lead in stopping AI-driven manipulation and protecting elections.

New technology called Generative AI is getting better and better at making things that look real. It’s starting to make it hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Matt Aldridge, who works at OpenText Cybersecurity, says that these abilities could cause situations like in a scary movie. Aldridge says it’s really important for there to be clear rules about making content. This will help people tell the difference between real media and fake media made by AI.

Artificial Intelligence that creates new content can be both good and bad

The fast advancements in generative AI technology have opened up a lot of opportunities, but have also brought a lot of problems. Now companies like OpenAI and Microsoft have made it possible to create fake images that look real. These images can influence what people think, especially during important times like elections.

A new report from The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) shows that AI-generated content could be a danger in politics. The nonprofit used computer programs to make pictures of President Joe Biden in a hospital and people breaking voting machines. These fake pictures make people worry about false information being spread and elections not being fair.

CCDH researchers believe that sharing AI-generated images as real photos could make false claims spread even faster. This could make it difficult to protect the honesty of elections, like the upcoming US presidential election in November.

We really need rules and working together right now

Matt Aldridge says it’s really important to take action to stop AI technology from being used the wrong way, especially in politics. With both upcoming elections in the UK and US, he says it’s important to stop creating and spreading fake videos and pictures that can fool people.

Aldridge wants technology experts, governments, and cybersecurity experts to work together to make strong rules that make people accountable. He says it’s very important to teach people how to recognize false information, hateful campaigns, and tactics that use AI to control them. This will help us fight these dangers better.

Aldridge says that because AI can be dangerous, governments need to take charge and deal with the problems it causes. By making strict rules and working together with everyone involved, governments can reduce the possible harm from using generative AI technology.

The combination of fancy technology and politics can bring good chances and dangers. Although generative AI has the potential to create new and creative ideas, it can also cause harm to society if it is used in the wrong way, especially in important areas like elections. To protect against these dangers, we need to work together to make clear rules, teach people, and make laws that encourage safe use of AI.

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