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Artificial intelligence-created pictures and what it means for the future of news reporting.


  • Artificial Intelligence pictures are changing traditional photography by using words to make them, and people are arguing about whether it’s right to use them in the news.
  • AI-generated images look really cool, but they don’t look very realistic when they show real people and events. This has made people worry about using them in documentary photography.
  • As more and more AI images are used in news, it’s important to balance creativity with facts in reporting so that the truth isn’t lost in media coverage.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a strong competitor in creating visual content as digital technology advances quickly. As new technology challenges traditional photography, we need to ask if it’s okay to use AI-generated images instead of real photos.

The debate about film versus digital photography is gone, and now people are talking about the essence of the images. AI-generated visuals are not like regular photos because they don’t need light, a camera, or a lens to be created. The comparison is made to how fast-food menus look really good, but the food doesn’t always taste as good as it looks.

Describing pictures created by artificial intelligence

AI images are created using text and big internet data, and they are different from regular photos. Just like how fast-food burgers with a lot of plastic are not real food, images made by AI are not real photographs. This makes people wonder if using AI images is right or wrong.

As you eat the fast food, you see a glowing burger ad that makes you think about having dinner. Similarly, the pictures made by AI can be good for things like background pictures. However, AI is not very good at showing the true importance of things in images, especially when it comes to real people and events.

The importance of documentary photography, which emphasizes accuracy, is a key topic of discussion when talking about AI images. Can computer-made pictures add important information to news about local protests, natural disasters, fights, or famous places. This is a worry for not just the future, because these computer-made pictures are already being used by news organizations. This could cause trouble in how news is reported and might even impact people’s lives.

Reporter Mariko Mikami says that AI-created pictures can spread fake news, especially during natural disasters, and this is becoming a bigger problem. As fake videos get better, there is a greater chance of serious problems happening. In the media, it’s important to have accurate information. Using AI for images should not change that.

Balancing fact and artistic interpretation

Although AI imagery could be used in art, it poses a real threat to the truthfulness of reporting. The article says it’s important to mix facts and creativity, and asks if there’s room for creativity when the main focus is on truth. As AI images start to look just like real photos, people need to think about what it means to see so many fake pictures in the media. This could make things confusing and maybe even scary.

As people become more familiar with new technology, there are concerns about whether real historical documents could be replaced by fake ones. It’s a big problem. How much freedom can artists have without changing the accuracy of history. The article asks for people to talk about how to handle AI-created images that mix truth and made-up things.

Although AI images can be used in art, they can also threaten the honesty of news. This shows how important it is to keep the truth and openness in visual storytelling. As our society faces new challenges, we need to have important conversations to make sure that truth is always valued in the future.

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