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Nexon’s game called MapleStory will have a new version on the internet called Web3 on Avalanche.


Nexon, a video game company from South Korea, wants to release a new version of MapleStory on the Avalanche blockchain. This new version will allow users to create their own content and include new ways to play the game.

Avalanche’s blog post said that the new version of MapleStory N will let players make and share their own stuff in the game.

Scheduled for release in 2024, the project aims to mix Nexon’s gaming knowledge with Avalanche’s blockchain abilities to make the player experience better with more interactive features.

MapleStory Universe’s Web3 version

The MapleStory Universe on Avalanche will let players make their own stuff in the game. This is a common feature in popular web2 games. In MapleStory N, you can make your own worlds and get prizes for helping out the community.

The blog said that people who like playing games on the internet will have more fun on Avalanche. They will learn about new ways to play games on the internet.

According to Avalanche, MapleStory Universe will use a special Avalanche internet network made just for it.

Angela Son, who is in charge of partnerships for MapleStory Universe, said, “Working with Ava Labs will help us create a strong and complete blockchain system. This will allow us to safely support different dApps and make MapleStory N even more competitive. ”

“I think the Nexon Group’s MapleStory Universe project is a huge chance in web3, and we’re proud to work with them on their next blockchain project using Avalanche,” said Ed Chang, who is in charge of gaming at Ava Labs.

“We were very impressed with the idea right from the start, and the emphasis on long-term sustainability could attract millions of users to join easily,” said Chang.

Nexon America now takes cryptocurrency as payment

In June 2023, Nexon America said it would start taking digital money for buying things in their video games, using a company called BitPay to help them.

The announcement explained which digital assets are supported. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and stablecoins like Binance USD, DAI, and Gemeni Dollar.


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