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Big XRP holders move around 118 million coins as the price gets closer to $0. 7 What will happen next?


In a surprising twist, XRP’s price went up by almost 30% in just one month, and now big investors are getting interested in it. This is making people who trade and invest in cryptocurrency around the world pay attention. The increasing interest in XRP, a cryptocurrency supported by Ripple, has caused a lot of speculation about its future value. The price of XRP is close to reaching $0. 7, which has caught the attention of many investors in the cryptocurrency world.

Big XRP investors are making moves, making people feel hopeful

According to the blockchain tracking platform Whale Alert, XRP had six big transactions by wealthy people in the past day. They moved a total of 117. 92 million coins Five of these trades showed big amounts of money going into Binance, the top cryptocurrency exchange. One trade showed a big amount of money going out to Bitstamp, a CEX based in Luxembourg City.

Many whales collected 95. 2 million XRP from Binance, and a famous XRP whale sent 22. 6 million XRP to Bitstamp. These massive amounts of money caught the attention of crypto investors around the world, showing that big investors have more confidence in Ripple’s digital currency. Also, a well-known person who owns a lot of XRP cryptocurrency has been selling it on Bitstamp repeatedly. This happened after Ripple bought a stake in a cryptocurrency exchange, showing that they are trying to control the amount of XRP in circulation.

XRP has been gaining a lot of value each month and week, according to CoinMarketCap’s data. This increase in value shows that people are feeling optimistic about the Ripple-backed token.

XRP’s price goes up

Currently, the price of XRP went up by 0. 39% in the last 24 hours and is now at $0. 6966 The token’s value went up by 18. 30% in a week and by 31. 29% in a month. It’s moving towards the $0. 7 mark, and people are excited that it might reach the $1 mark soon. With more big investors buying and holding the token, experts think the price could go up in the future.

However, data from Coinglass suggests that a period of consolidation may be coming soon, as open interest and volume have decreased by 1. 83% and 3325% respectively


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