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Telos Foundation begins working with Unizen DEX Aggregator.


Telos is a network that keeps things private and helps stuff run faster. It’s teaming up with Unizen. Telos and Unizen are working together to make it easier for people to use different types of money and help more assets to be available to exchange. Unizen can now connect to ten networks because Telos has joined.

Telos partners with @unizen_io DEX aggregator.

Why Unizen? 🔍
Unizen offers a trade-splitting algorithm for efficient swaps & provides access to 20,000+ assets across now 10 networks, thanks to Telos joining as the latest addition.

👉https://t.co/xpn8QNqwWh pic.twitter.com/oR5XMQj80u

— The Telos Foundation (@HelloTelos) March 12, 2024

Telos is working together with DEX Aggregator Unizen to help the ecosystem grow and work together better

Telos Foundation is really excited about working together, they said on their official account. In the new partnership, Telos users can earn cryptocurrency rewards by staking their ZCX tokens. Also, the users can share the money they make from different trades. In a recent post, the company explained that ZCX coin is directly connected to how much it is traded. As a result, the token becomes more scarce because of the dual burn.

According to Telos, adding these features to the partnership is meant to make it easier for users. It said it’s joining Unizen as the tenth network it helps. As a result of this progress, it will be easier for different systems to work together and for more people to access assets.

Telos shared more information about their partnership and said that working together with Unizen will make Unizen even better. In this way, the people in charge of the platform will probably get a big boost from working together. In addition, this would increase the trade efficiency and bring in more users. Furthermore, we aim to provide an unparalleled user experience with this project.

As part of the partnership, Telos works to offer customers affordable exchanges. It also said that working together is good for both companies. According to Telos, both environments would benefit a lot from the development that’s happening. Unizen’s advanced trade-splitting algorithm helps it beat the competition of other top aggregators.

The plan is to help both ecosystems by making careful changes

It improves how different blockchains work together and how easily assets can be traded, all at a low cost and without any interruption. Unizen has grown a lot because of many things, including its easy-to-use and impressive interface. This makes it easier and faster to use. Telos said that working together will help both communities improve, market, and collaborate.


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