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The US government wants to spend $1. 6 billion on nuclear energy.


  • The US government plans to use $1. 6 billion on nuclear energy next year to make technology better and help US reactors to be used worldwide.
  • They are also investing money in clean energy research, and a portion of it is going towards making fusion energy a more viable option.
  • The Energy Secretary is glad about the plan because it will create cleaner energy and help address climate change.

The US government has made a big plan for how to spend money in 2025. They want to give $1. 6 billion to the Department of Energy for nuclear energy. This big amount of money shows the government’s dedication to improving nuclear power at home and around the world.

A big part of the budget is set aside to buy high-quality, low-energy uranium for nuclear research and testing projects. The Department of Energy plans to use $188 million to clean up old uranium and increase enrichment operations in Piketon, Ohio. This plan is to make sure we have a steady and sustainable supply of HALEU for current and future nuclear energy projects.

Promoting innovation and research

Another important part of the budget is encouraging new ideas and studies in the nuclear energy field. The government wants to quickly develop and use new types of reactors. They have set aside $142. 5 million to support this. Additionally, $56 million is set aside to build new testing places at US national labs. This will help check and approve new designs and parts for nuclear reactors.

The Office of Nuclear Energy wants to give $143 million to universities for research and development. Also, $32 million will be used to improve digital tools and manufacturing techniques, like artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing, to make nuclear supply chains stronger and more efficient. Also, $8 million will be used for projects to help other countries use US reactor technology, and to work together with other countries to share information about nuclear energy.

Support for clean energy research

In addition to nuclear energy, the Department of Energy is asking for more money to support research and innovation in clean energy. A lot of money, $8. 5 billion, will be used to help clean energy projects, like the one to make fusion energy work for businesses. The government has set aside $845 million for a big project. They want to work together with universities, research labs, and companies to make fusion energy a reality, following a plan announced by the Department of Energy.

Jennifer Granholm, who is the Secretary of Energy, said that the budget proposal is very important for making the country use cleaner and more sustainable energy in the future. Granholm emphasized how important it is to use these resources to make the government’s clean energy investments actually happen. She also stressed the need to create a clean energy economy that includes everyone, and to deal with the urgent problems caused by climate change.

The US government wants to spend money on nuclear energy to make it better. The government is planning to invest a lot of money in making sure we have enough supplies, improving technology, and finding new ways to use energy. They want to make progress in nuclear energy and help use cleaner energy. As Congress looks at the budget proposal, if it gets approved, it could bring new opportunities and change the future of nuclear energy in the United States and other countries.

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