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Google is teaming up with Hellmann’s to change the way people plan meals using AI.


  • AI tool helps to throw away less food and makes it easier to plan meals.
  • Hellmann’s and Google are working together to change the way people cook.
  • Meal Reveal turns leftover food into fancy and delicious meals.

Hellmann’s and Google Cloud have teamed up to create a new tool called ‘Meal Reveal’ to help reduce food waste.

This tool helps people who have trouble figuring out what to make for meals using the ingredients they already have in their fridge.

Hellmann’s is introducing a new meal made with the help of artificial intelligence

Hellmann’s Meal Reveal uses advanced technology to find leftover food in your fridge and gives you personalized recipe ideas for what you have.

By using a special scanner, people can get recipes based on what’s in their fridge. This helps them use up their food and make tasty dishes.

Hellmann’s is working to reduce food waste with their ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’ campaign that started in 2021.

Realizing that busy lives cause people to waste food, Hellmann wanted to help solve this problem.

Using technology to reduce food waste during Food Waste Action Week

Meal Reveal is being announced at the same time as Food Waste Action Week, which is an event every year that tries to make more people know about food waste and ways to help the environment. Food Waste Action Week is happening from March 18 to 24. During this time, Hellmanna’s and Google are showing their new AI tool.

Christina Bauer-Plank, a top leader at Hellmann’s, says it’s important to stop wasting food. She says people don’t mean to throw away food, but often end up doing it without meaning to because they don’t know what to do with all the different ingredients in their fridge.

Hellmann’s food shows they are growing in more places

Created with help from Ogilvy, an advertising company, Hellmann’s Meal Reveal is a big step forward in using AI technology to encourage sustainability in daily life.

The tool will first start in the UK and then move to other places. It will use social media, YouTube, and outdoor ads to reach a lot of people.

Dan Fisher, a leader at Unilever and Ogilvy UK, says that Meal Reveal is good at helping people use up their leftover food. He says that even though people want to use up leftover food, they often don’t have time to do it because of their busy lives.

Hellmann’s and Google Cloud working together to create Meal Reveal is a big step in reducing food waste. By using AI technology, this new tool helps people use up their ingredients and reduce waste. It also encourages sustainable consumption.

During Food Waste Action Week, it reminds us to think about how we can reduce food waste in our own lives and in our community. Meal Reveal, Hellmann’s, and Google have used technology to encourage people to be more sustainable and make positive changes in their daily routines.

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