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Bitcoin is losing money, but experts think the price might go up again.


  • Bitcoin faces GBTC outflows but could bounce back in price next week.
  • Data hints at slowing GBTC selling, possibly signaling a shift in Bitcoin momentum.
  • Bitcoin sentiment stays positive despite GBTC criticism, with hopes for more institutional interest.

The Bitcoin market has recently encountered challenges as the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) experienced significant outflows, leading to investor concerns. However, predictions suggest a potential turnaround in BTC price action following next week.

GBTC outflows prompt concerns

In recent days, the GBTC has witnessed substantial outflows, with March 22 alone seeing a loss of $170 million. This trend has been compounded by United States Spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) experiencing a decline in inflows and record highs in GBTC outflows, resulting in five consecutive days of net reductions in assets under management.

The timing of these outflows coincides with reports indicating that bankrupt crypto lender Genesis may have been selling its GBTC position, contributing to the downward pressure on ETF trends.

Despite the challenges, there are indications that the worst of the sell-off may be over. Investor and entrepreneur Alistair Milne highlighted a significant slowdown in GBTC selling, suggesting a potential shift in momentum.

Statistician Willy Woo presented a new model comparing ETF inflows with BTC price action, hinting that the most intense offloading phase might end. While Woo did not disclose specific data for the metric, he expressed optimism that the consolidation phase could lead to a more stable market leading up to the halving event.

Optimistic outlook for BTC price action

Pseudonymous commentator WhalePanda echoed the sentiment of a potential rebound in BTC price, anticipating a sideways weekend followed by consolidation before a path toward new all-time highs. With many investors shaken out and waiting for lower prices, there is anticipation for a return to price discovery.

Despite the challenges posed by GBTC outflows, Bitcoin’s overall sentiment remains positive. The spot Bitcoin products have proven to be the most successful ETF launch in history, with cumulative flows reaching $12.15 billion since their inception. Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, one of the ETF providers, emphasized that the bulk of institutional exposure to Bitcoin is yet to come.

However, not all commentators share the same optimism regarding GBTC. Crypto author and educator Vijay Boyapati criticized GBTC, suggesting that the ecosystem would be healthier without it. Boyapati attributed GBTC as the product central to the 2022 market collapse and identified its net outflows as a significant headwind to Bitcoin’s current trajectory.

While Bitcoin has faced challenges due to GBTC outflows and declining ETF inflows, there are signs of a potential turnaround in price action. Investors remain cautiously optimistic, with predictions indicating a period of consolidation before a possible return to new all-time highs. Despite criticism surrounding GBTC, the overall sentiment towards Bitcoin remains positive, with expectations of increased institutional exposure.

Warning: The information provided is not trading advice.


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