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Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has invited Elon Musk from Tesla to visit their factory.


  • Intel’s CEO extends a public invitation to Elon Musk, aiming to secure Tesla’s partnership amid CHIP Act funding.
  • Musk’s tech ventures present a lucrative opportunity for Intel to collaborate, particularly in custom AI chip development.
  • The CHIPS Act funding accelerates Intel’s chipmaking projects, enhancing its capacity to deliver and attract high-profile clients.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has extended a public invitation to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for a tour of Intel’s semiconductor fab lines. This move comes in the wake of Intel being awarded $8.5 billion in funding under the CHIPS Act, accelerating the need to secure customers for its Intel Foundry Services (IFS).

Strategic move to secure orders

Gelsinger’s outreach to Musk and other tech leaders, including Sam Altman of OpenAI, signifies Intel’s proactive approach to filling its order books for IFS. With the CHIP Act funding in place, Intel aims to capitalize on the opportunity to attract high-profile clients like Tesla and other Musk-affiliated companies.

Musk’s diverse tech ventures, heavily reliant on advanced processors, make him a coveted client for Intel. While Musk’s companies currently procure AI accelerators from competitors like AMD and Nvidia, Intel sees an opportunity to collaborate, especially considering Tesla’s development of custom AI chips such as Dojo ASICs.

Gelsinger’s invitation to Musk for a private chat via direct messaging hints at Intel’s eagerness to engage in discussions tailored to Musk’s specific needs and explore potential partnerships.

Implications of CHIPS Act funding

Intel’s preliminary agreement with the U.S. Commerce Department, securing significant funding for domestic chipmaking projects, provides a boost to its manufacturing plans. The $8.5 billion in direct funding, coupled with low-interest loans and investment tax credits, paves the way for expedited development of chip manufacturing facilities in key locations such as Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, and Oregon.

The influx of funding enhances Intel’s capacity to deliver on its commitments, potentially expediting projects like the Ohio fab. This aligns with Intel’s broader strategy to strengthen its presence in the semiconductor market and establish itself as a leading provider of foundry services.

Intel’s invitation to Elon Musk for a fab tour underscores its proactive approach to securing clients for Intel Foundry Services. With the CHIP Act funding bolstering its domestic chipmaking initiatives, Intel is poised to capitalize on opportunities to collaborate with tech leaders like Musk and leverage its expertise in semiconductor manufacturing. As discussions unfold, the outcome of potential partnerships could significantly influence the trajectory of both Intel and Musk’s tech ventures in the semiconductor space.

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