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AI is changing the way beer is made, making it taste better and creating new ideas.


  • Belgian scientists use computer technology to make beer taste better by studying what’s in it and what people say about it.
  • Changes recommended by AI resulted in better scores from a tasting group.
  • AI could change the way beer is made, making new flavors and beers without alcohol.

Belgian scientists have used artificial intelligence to change the way beer is made. Professor Kevin Verstrepen and his team from KU Leuven University used a special computer program to guess and improve the flavor of beer by changing what it’s made of.

The researchers used information from 180,000 online beer reviews and the opinions of 16 people who tasted beer to teach their computer program to understand what makes beer taste good or bad. These parameters included basic things like how much alcohol and yeast there is, as well as more subtle things like how bitter, sweet, and aromatic the drink is. By studying how different substances work together, the AI could figure out how changing the ingredients of a beer would change its taste.

Improving beer quality with AI recommendations

With the help of the AI model, the researchers tried changing beers that are already being sold. Over three years, the team tried 250 different beers to see how sweet they were, how much alcohol they had, how they smelled like malt, and how bitter they tasted.

Traditional brewing methods need a lot of skill and knowledge from the brewer, but AI can also help by giving ideas for how to make the beer better using data. The study recognizes that brewers are important in making great beers. It also shows that using AI can help make recipes better and create new flavors. Furthermore, the scientists showed that AI can also be used to create non-alcoholic beers that taste very similar to alcoholic ones. This is good news for people who want to drink something healthier.

Future implications and industry outlook

Using AI in beer brewing can help the beverage industry in many ways. Aside from improving the flavor and quality, AI technology could be used to make new types of beer that match what people want. Furthermore, using AI technology can make it easier to make beer, save time, and use less materials, which helps both the people making the beer and the people drinking it. As technology gets better, it will help make beer in new and different ways, bringing lots of new ideas and changes to craft drinks.

Bringing together artificial intelligence and beer making has a lot of potential for improving the taste and quality of beer. By using advanced technology, scientists have shown that they can make beer taste better, improve its quality, and come up with new ideas that people didn’t think were possible before. As technology improves, beer lovers can expect to try new and imaginative beers in the future.

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