1. General rules
    1. Making registration online at cryptotek.org, you agree with this agreement.
    2. This Agreement is concluded between the internet service CRYPTOTEK (hereinafter referred to as - Service) on behalf of the company CRYPTOTEK CORPORATION and any registered user - a natural or legal person. By the fact of your registration confirm your familiarization and acceptance of all conditions of the rules given below.
    3. These rules shall govern the Agreement and the terms of service of CRYPTOTEK CORPORATION.
  2. Terms and Definitions
    1. Company “CRYPTOTEK” - intelligent web-product, which is the property of CRYPTOTEK CORPORATION (the Company) and is available for users in accordance with the agreement on the principle of “as is”.
    2. Affiliate program - user benefits system through active promotion of services by involving other people into using the service.
    3. Account - the user account in the service, created with his personal data and assuming availability of personal area and for functional use of site.
    4. Site - site on the Internet with the address cryptotek.org. The graphical interface of the site is designed to provide services to registered users. Home page is subject to change by the Company during the term of the agreement.
    5. User - any natural or legal person using the service and accept the agreement.
    6. Verification - the process of user identification service involving the provision of personal data and identity documents by the user. Verification is not required to use the service, and is entirely based on the request of the user, or request of service, when the user is suspected of violating rules.
    7. Investor - user of the service receiving income.
  3. Registration
    1. Registration is made exclusively on the official website cryptotek.org or on its official mirrors.
    2. Customers filling out the registration form should provide only truthful information about themselves.
    3. All user information will not be passed on to third parties. During registration, the user gives his consent to the processing of his personal data.
    4. For registration allowed only capable persons who have attained the legal age in your country to make decisions. At registration, each person is allowed only one account.
    5. Citizenship is not a limitation for registration.
    6. User is obliged to provide a valid email. It should have available data, which have been specified by the user.
    7. User is obliged to select the country and city in which he lives. Changing the country and the city is not available after registration.
    8. Account is considered to be registered after going through all the stages of registration.
    9. Registration and subsequent use of no more than 1 account is allowed only on one PC (IP-adress).
  4. The rights and obligations of the service
    1. The service provides a platform for users to CRYPTOTEK direct transfer of funds under trust management.
    2. Service undertakes to take users funds under trust management.
    3. Service receives funds from investors in private ownership and is entitled to administer them at its discretion, distributing, investing and undertaking to submit business reports to investors.
    4. Service has the right to block the user's account for violation of this agreement with confiscation of funds held at the account.
    5. Service does not accept responsibility for any failure to fulfill obligations related to the quality of passing information over the Internet to the user's account, as well as in connection with the use of information and interfaces sites not belonging to the service.
    6. The service can block the account of the user for the following reasons:
      1. Unauthorized access to the accounts of other users and their use.
      2. Registration and use of multiple accounts. Registration in the system of relatives of the first, second and third degree of relationship.
      3. Intended violation of the site work, and obtaining undue advantage from the service vulnerability.
      4. Using different software (scripts, and any other software) to perform any action on the service.
      5. Placing false information in the profile.
      6. Deliberate attempts to deceive and mislead other users.
      7. The user who has not attained the age sufficient for making legal decisions in your country.
      8. Insulting other members or employees of service;
      9. Use of unauthorized or third party details and payment systems accounts for replenishment and withdrawal from service.
      10. Dissemination of false and derogatory information about the service.
      11. Placement in your profile, in public chat rooms, and in personal messages the information that contains the calls to violence, terrorism, racial discrimination or discrimination on other grounds, motivation to perform sexual acts, including against minors, promotion of drugs or any other banned substances, information on the production, storage and transportation of prohibited substances, drugs, weapons, explosives and poisonous substances, any guidance relating to the above, as well as information and discussion of extremist and terrorist organizations.
      12. Dissemination of information about the service in order to advertise using spam, unsolicited e-mail, use compromised accounts in all social networks, distorting real information about the service in order to obtain personal benefit.
      13. Use the account for speculation on the cryptocurrency.
      14. In all other cases, if by the decision of the administrator the user poses a threat to the service and/or other users.
  5. Rights and obligations of the user
    1. Each user must follow the rules in this agreement and do not violate them. The user has the right to use all available functionality of his service;
    2. User is strictly forbidden to create a chain of 2 or more successive registrations with the aim of repeated receipt of remuneration for the affiliate program. In the event of such chains, the service has the right to unilaterally refuse to perform this Agreement in relation to the users of the chain, and produces a blocking of accounts with all the data and balance without returning funds to the payment details;
    3. The user is informed and agrees that the service is not responsible for the acts or omissions of the user when using the service. Responsibility for the state of the account rests with the user;
    4. As part of the procedures to combat money laundering (AML). The user certifies that the funds invested on his account, have not been earned from drug trafficking, kidnapping, criminal or illegal activities of any kind, and any political affiliation. The client must not misuse the site and / or for the purpose of money laundering services, or for any other was illegal, unlawful, or improper activity. The Company reserves the right to deny the user permission to use your account and / or to suspend and / or cancel and / or close your account, and / or to withdraw or confiscate all the money from the user account if the user does not adhere or does not meet the following requirements and principles of anti-money laundering (AML) or by whatever other requirements of anti-money laundering (AML). If the service suspects any illegal or unlawful activity is performed through your account, the service saves the right to disclose all information related to the user, to the competent authorities, as well as to suspend and / or close the user's account, and / or remove any whatsoever money from the account for the above mentioned reasons.
    5. User represents and warrants that:
      1. It is of sound mind and is capable;
      2. An adult and financially sound;
      3. It has the necessary information;
    6. In no case, and under no circumstances, persons under 18 years of age or have not attained the age of majority, which is permitted by law for the adoption of legal decisions can not use the services of service.
    7. User is informed of the additional risks associated with the peculiarities of the operation of electronic trading systems, with the problems of Internet communication nodes.
    8. The user bears full responsibility for the risks associated with the storage of your account access data and is obliged to prevent access to it by third parties. Losses and user risks associated with the restoration of access to your account, do not impose obligations on the service, in addition to providing new access data to the user with sufficient and unambiguous identification of the user, as the owner of the account.
    9. The user has the right to apply to consultants services for any of these online cryptotek.org contact information, as well as use any other available to him the possibility of communication with the technical support for the solution of problems that have arisen through the fault of the service or its employees or to obtain clarification on the service.
  6. General Rules for using the service
    1. The minimum amount of investment balance in service is 10 USD and converted into another currency according to the official exchange rates on the purchase of any page.
    2. Maximum recharge when limited by the maximum possible sum of the transaction payment system, currently in use with the replenishment, the maximum number of transactions, as a result, and finding funds on the balance sheet is not limited.
    3. For replenishment of the investment balance by using the appropriate option, and then performing the service instructions, transfer of funds under the management of the company. Transfer of funds to the investment balance of instantaneous, in some cases it may take up to 24 hours, with the completion of the replenishment of the bank cards can take up to 3 business days.
    4. The minimum amount of the creation of the application for withdrawal is 1 USD.
    5. The maximum amount of the creation of the application for withdrawal of funds is limited to the maximum possible sum of the transaction payment system, currently in use creation application for withdrawal.
    6. To withdraw funds in the following methods are used when “Input and Output Methods funds”.
    7. The user can get status. conditions should be followed to obtain the status indicated in a specific status. Achieving a higher status replaces the achievements of the previous status of the career ladder. Each higher-level career ladder status provides more favorable conditions for the user. For more information about statuses, see the “Partner Program”.
  7. Rules partner program
    1. Affiliate program is a system of rewards in the form of bonuses to attract new audiences to the work of the company.
    2. Affiliate program Cryptotek enables high passive income and build their careers, developing together with the company.
    3. Terms of bonuses and getting the career ladder of status set out in the “Partner Program” page.
  8. Force Majeure
    1. In the event of force majeure (force majeure), which directly interfere with the execution of the service obligations under the agreement, the period of performance of obligations is postponed until the termination of the force majeure circumstances. In such circumstances, the service shall not be liable for non-execution.
  9. Duration of the agreement and the procedure for amending the agreement
    1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon its acceptance by the user during registration and is valid indefinitely.
    2. Service has the right to unilaterally make changes to this agreement. Such changes in the service will report on the official website.
  10. Final Provisions
    1. If the user does not agree with the fact that the legal relationship established between him and the service are governed exclusively by this agreement, he should refuse registration in the service, or create a service request to support the suspension of service and blocking the account if the user is already registered in the system.
    2. All claims which arise from the user under this agreement shall be considered by the service to contact support service via the official site of service.
    3. If between the user and service disputes arise, they will be solved through negotiations. If a disputable situation can not be resolved in the negotiations format, it will be considered by the courts in accordance with the state of Wyoming at the place of registration of the company CRYPTOTEK CORPORATION in USA.
    4. With the acceptance of the agreement the user acknowledges that this agreement in electronic format is equivalent in strength contract concluded in writing.
    5. The Service reserves the right to make additions and changes to this Agreement without notice.