7 cryptocurrencies are currently available to our customers for mining on the following algorithms: SHA-256, Scrypt, Ethash, CryptoNight, X11.

If you decide to mine cryptocurrency on your own, you need to use specialized hardware (ASIC, graphics card) for maximum mining efficiency. However, this equipment varies for different algorithms, and if you have an ASIC for mining on the SHA-256 algorithm, which can mine BitCoin, it is not suitable for mining on X11 (Ethereum). That's why Cryptotek created a special CRT currency, which is not tied to specific hardware, thus making our partnership more flexible. When you buy CRT you can mine any of the cryptocurrencies available in your account. The more CRT you have, the higher the mining speed.

Gone are the days when you could earn a solid income by mining at home. Modern mining farms have high-tech equipment, specific regional requirements (cost of electricity, cooling) and the cost of such a mining farm amounts to millions of dollars.

Given the fact that we enable mining on different algorithms and different equipment, we need to plan proactively, since we must be sure that we have the required resources. Some of these resources are obtained by renting out our equipment. Return on investment in mining takes about six months, and when we rent out the equipment we receive a return here and now, while next year we also earn an income (and cover operating costs) by charging a 30% commission. This provides our clients with access to high-tech, high-yield types of mining, and allows us to quickly redirect funds to the actual development of mining.

The development of a company requires careful financial planning, while selling CRT and outflow of invested assets may negatively affect the company's financial stability, which, of course, is unacceptable.

Payouts under all trading plans are currently disbursed every Friday.

The insurance fund was created to protect our customers from possible risks associated with cryptocurrency market volatility. If the trades are successful, part of their earnings goes to the insurance fund. If the fund is full, investors receive higher accruals. If the trades do not yield a guaranteed return, profitability is offset by the insurance fund.

Our security department is checking your investment for elements of fraud. After the verification is completed, it will be activated within 1-3 days.

The opening of a trading pool for our partners is only possible after a period of its stable operation with our private investments and the formation of the insurance fund. If the company decides that we are ready to increase trade volumes, we will notify our customers about the opening of a new pool.

Cryptotek has 3 types of deposits: monthly, quarterly and annual. You receive revenue once a month, once a quarter or once a year, respectively.

The yearly deposits are the most profitable, as they allow us to make long-term and high-yield investments.

Deposit funds are used for company development, including the development of our own mining devices, designing our own cryptocurrencies, and investing in startups.

Our security department is checking your deposit for elements of fraud. After the verification is completed, it will be activated within 1-3 days.

Funds received from deposit investments are channeled to the development of the company and investments in startups. If any new and promising strategic directions emerge, we will launch new deposit packages for investment.

The referral system allows you to receive income from any partner in your downline, regardless of how far removed from you the level of the latter is. Your income is calculated as the difference between your referral percentage and your partner's percentage. If you have any questions about how the revenue is calculated, you can contact your upline partner, or write to us regarding what you'd like to calculate. We will be happy to help.

TEK was founded in the UK in 2012 to provide consulting services in the IT-technology sphere. As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology emerged, TEK also began to explore cryptocurrency mining. Initially it was more of an experiment, but over time we saw how promising this line of business is. Later, we learned how to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges and the idea of investing in crypto startups came up.

In 2016, TEK decided to launch a separate company, Cryptotek, which deals exclusively with cryptocurrency and whose main goal is to enter the cryptocurrency market and to launch its own cryptocurrency. In October 2016, a decision was made to further expand its operations, and Cryptotek Corporation, a subsidiary company, was established in the US with the objective of launching cryptocurrency-related projects.

Cryptotek Corporation is currently operating in three areas: cryptocurrency mining, cryptocurrency trading, investments in startups (including our own projects).

The minimum payout amount for mining, trading, deposits and affiliate program equals 10$.

You will receive payment within 3-5 days from the date of the request.

Transfers within the system are irrevocable. This is done in order to protect our customers from against fraud. Therefore, check the account details carefully when transferring funds.