09/03/2018 09:11

Cryptotek Corp. news

Company has passed another audit and was issued a new EV SSL certificate, which confirms the fact that cryptotek.org online platform is affiliated with the US company Cryptotek Corporation (Wyoming) and have insurance $1,750,000.

Cryptotek Corp is getting ready for a full-scale token launch, that’s why for the partners who have already collected their primary deposit and received revenue, the excess profit will accrue in cTEK Coin. We’d like to remind you that your investments are guaranteed by Cryptotek Corp., and you are guaranteed the reception of your primary investment in USD.

In relation to the questions regarding the token, we'd like to clarify the following:

  1. full token name: CryptoTEK Coin;
  2. abbreviated token name: cTEK;
  3. token repurchase price is fixed and equals 1USD;
  4. all investments in cTEK Coin will yield revenue in USD.