Phases of development

It’s a well-known fact that the most efficient advertising is:
- sharing information in real-life communication;
- using successful people, icons from various fields in image advertising.

We've developed an Affiliate Program that engages both of the above-mentioned advertising techniques. The implementation of this program involves two phases:

  • The first phase is to create an extensive network of agents who will advertise our products, and receive fair and competitive compensation for their work.
  • The second phase is to set up a web-entrepreneur cluster, where members will launch their own business projects, i.e. exchange systems, mobile apps and e-commerce projects, and use our cryptocurrency in their services. The creation of such a team is the best way to enter the new cryptocurrency market under the current circumstances.

Three simple steps to financial independence

Do you want to launch your own business, but simply don’t know where to start?
Become a partner of a globally renowned company!
A recognizable brand, a flawless reputation and attractive working conditions – Cryptotek is one of the cryptocurrency industry leaders, and now you have an opportunity to become a part of our team.

Join our Affiliate Program and share information about Cryptotek with your audience.
Build your own team and receive remuneration for newly recruited partners.
After you form your own team, we will help you set up your own online business.

Affiliate Program Structure

The Affiliate Program contains 10 levels and includes 3 different directions:

  • Referral system
  • Bonus system
  • Rewards program

Referral System

The Referral System, allows you to profit from any investment raised by you or your team members.

In order to go up a level in the Referral System there's only one requirement you have to meet:

  • You have to reach the target sales volume either on your own, or along with your team.

After moving up to a new level in the Referral System, you will benefit from the following:

  • An increase in the percentage you receive from all investments pulled in by you personally or by your team.
You can receive revenue from each investment attracted by you personally or by your team.
Example: on the "Middle Assistant" level you will earn 7% of the investment amount you raised, on the "Senior Assistant" level – 9%.
You can also receive revenue from all investments secured for the company by your partners from any line whatsoever. Your income is calculated as the difference between your referral percentage and your partner’s referral percentage.
Example: You have successfully reached the "Junior Manager" level (10%), while your first-line partner is in the "Junior Assistant" position, (5%) and he or she raises 5,000 USD in capital. Thus, you will receive the following amount: 10% - 5% = 5% or 250 USD.
Example: You are working at the "Junior Manager" level (10%). You have a first-line partner at the "Middle Assistant" level (7%), and a second-line partner at the "Junior Assistant" level (5%). If the "Junior Assistant" sources an investment, he or she will receive 5% of the investment amount, while his superior "Middle Assistant" partner will receive 7% - 5% = 2%. Thus, you will earn 10% - 7% = 3% of the total amount invested.

Bonus System

After reaching the "Junior Manager" level, you will have an opportunity to receive +1% from each investment in your network.

The bonus percentage is calculated as follows:

  • If you have your own investment in an amount of at least 100% of the last reward received, you earn +1% in addition to your referral system income;

For example: you have successfully met the Referral System terms at the "Junior Manager" level, thus earning a reward of 2,000 USD. If you have your own investment 2,000 USD, your referral percentage will be increased by +1%, amounting to a total of 10%+1%=11%. This feature applies to the capital you raise on your own, as well as to all capital raised by your team.

Rewards Program

Rewards are another pleasant surprise from the company.

If you meet the Binary System requirements (none of your partners should generate more than 50% of the total turnover required to receive a reward), you can receive additional rewards after each transition to a new level within the Referral System.

If you have just registered with our company and are currently working at the "Junior Assistant" level, the career ladder for your account will look as follows:

Rewards Program level-up calculation

For example, you are currently working at the "Junior Assistant" level. You have two active partners and you have jointly managed to attract a total of 2,100 USD (you managed to raise 800 USD, the first partner – 1,200 USD and the second partner – 100 USD).
In order to go up to the next level of the Referral System you have to attract a total of 2,000 USD, after which you will be automatically promoted to the "Senior Assistant" level within a day.
Let’s analyze the Binary System calculation process in more detail:
  • you were able to generate 800 USD
  • one of your partners was able to raise 100 USD
  • another partner raised 1,000 USD (no more than 50% of the required amount of 2,000 USD).
Thus, you have a total of 1,900 USD.
The missing 100 USD will be calculated from your own future sales or the future sales of your partners.

Affiliate Program profitability calculation

Let’s imagine that you have reached the "Junior Manager" level, and successfully sourced a total of 20,000 USD:
  • 500 USD as a "Junior Assistant" (5%)
  • 2,500 USD as a "Middle Assistant" (7%)
  • 5,000 USD as a "Senior Assistant"(9%)
  • 12,000 USD as the "Junior Manager" (10%+1% bonus)
You currently have the following network:
  • 2 agents at the "Junior Assistant" level who generated investments of 1,200 USD and 1,900 USD;
  • 3 agents at the "Middle Assistant" level who generated investments of 3,000 USD, 8,000 USD and 5,000 USD;
  • 1 "Senior Assistant" partner who used his own network to raise a total of 15,000 USD;
  • 1 "Junior Manager" partner who used his own network to raise a total of 55,000 USD.
All of the partners you recruited may have their own partners, who will also be a part of your network.

Therefore you will get the following remuneration for your personal work:
  • 5% of 500 USD = 25 USD
  • 7% of 2,500 USD = 175 USD
  • 9% of 5,000 USD = 450 USD
  • 11% of 12,000 USD = 1,320 USD

You will also receive the following rewards:

50 USD for reaching the "Middle Assistant" level, 500 USD for reaching the "Senior Assistant" level, and 2,000 USD for reaching the "Junior Manager" level.

Revenue from your network from the referral and bonus systems.

For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that the difference between your percentage and a particular partner's percentage was always the same.

  • 6% of 1,900 USD = 114 USD
  • 6% of 1,200 USD = 72 USD
  • 4% of 5,000 USD = 200 USD
  • 4% of 3,000 USD = 120 USD
  • 4% of 8,000 USD = 320 USD
  • 2% of 15,000 USD = 300 USD
  • 1% of 55,000 USD = 550 USD
Your current income is: 25 + 175 + 450 + 1320 + 50 + 500 + 2,000 + 114 + 72 + 200 + 120 + 320 + 300 + 500 = 6,146 USD.

The total volume of your network will be as follows: 12,000 USD (your personal volume) + 1,200 USD + 1,900 USD + 3,000 USD + 8,000 USD + 5,000 USD + 15,000 USD and + 50,000 USD that will be credited from a "Junior Manager" partner (not more than 50% of the required amount of $100,000).
Total: 96,100 USD.
In order to level up and get a 5,000 USD reward for reaching the "Middle Manager" level, you have to attract investments of 3,900 USD either on your own, or with your team.

This system may look a bit complex at first glance, but if you invest effort into it, it will yield great revenue. If you still have any questions or require further clarification, please contact your upline and they will be glad to help you.